General info area code 670

Area code 670
State Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Counties of the area code 670

The 670 area code is found in 4 counties.

Cities and other places with area code 670

There are 88 cities and places with the 670 area code. For more information of a specific place select one below.

Afatung village Afetnas village Agingan village Agusan village Alaguan village American Memorial Park village Annex F village Apanon village As Akoddo village As Falipe village As Gonna village As Lito village As Palacios village As Perdido village As Rabagau village As Teo village As Terlaje village Capitol Hill village Chacha village Chalan Galaide village Chalan Kanoa I village Chalan Kanoa II village Chalan Kanoa III village Chalan Kanoa IV village Chalan Kiya village Chalan Laulau village Chalan Piao village Chalan Rueda village China Town village Dagu village Dandan village Fananganan village Fanlagon village Finasisu village Finata village Gagani village Gaonan village Garapan village Gayaugan (Kaan) village Ginalangan (Chudan) village Gualo Rai village I Akgak village I Denni village I Fadang village I Liyang village I Naftan village Kagman village Kannat Tabla village Koblerville village Laulau Bay village Lempanai village Liyu village Lower Base village Makmak village Managaha village Mananana village Matpo village Maturana Hill village Mount Sabana (Minachage) village Mount Taipingot village Navy Hill village Northern Tinian village Opyan village Pagan village Papago village Pekngasu village Puerto Rico village Sadog Tasi village Sailigai Papa village San Antonio village San Jose (Oleai) village San Jose (Tinian Municipality) village San Vicente village Sayan Gigani village Sinapalo village Songsong village Susupe village Tagolo Ogso village Taimama village Talakhaya village Talo village Tapochao village Tatachok village Tatgua village Tenetu village Tottotville village Ugis village Western Tinian village

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Zip codes with area code 670

The are code 670 has 3 zip codes.

Area codes near area code 670

The area code 670